Spotify Top Lists

Jørgen Nystad

The Spotify API provides lots of interesting data about your listening habits. While the discover features and yearly summaries provided by Spotify itself covers most of my needs, I found the top artists and tracks API to be a bit interesting. If only to see what I’m actually listening to these days.

So I signed up for a developer account, added a test application for this site, and logged in via their authorization code sample app to generate a refresh token for my account.

Once obtained, I could call the APIs via a small node script to get a fresh access token and fetch my top artists and tracks.

This particular endpoint provides the top 50 artists and tracks for three different time periods: short term (approx. last 4 weeks), medium term (approx. last 6 months) and long term (all time). This reveals my changing and somewhat wide taste in music very well.

Apparently I’m listening to djent these days. That’s a genre I’ve never heard of before. The sheer amount of genres is a quite fascinating topic itself. I mean, what on earth are post-teen pop and catstep?

The result is updated periodically on my server, and is currently as follows: