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PodCrush - the no fuss podcast player

So I created a podcast player.

Creating a project where data needed already exists in an open and available API is very rewarding. You can focus on the fun parts and make huge leaps of progress in a short time.

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So, what is different about PodCrush?

It has no backend storage. In fact, it's hosted on Zeit Now and is only backed by a few serverless functions to deal with proxying the API and downloading RSS feeds without triggering any CORS issues.

CORS issues are always a dread to deal with when in a creative mood, but the serverless functions make it easy to work around without spinning up a full backend solution.

The other part of having no backend storage means all state lives in the browser. Your subscriptions and history stay there.

For some, this is a deal breaker. Personally, I just wanted a web app with no account management and no fuss where I could listen to a podcast episode or two. No strings attached, no tracking, no ads.

So there it is!

Check out PodCrush if you want to try it.