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I am a professional software developer since 2010, with experience from the mobile hardware industry. Since 2014 I’ve worked with GIS software (that’s maps and stuff) for web and mobile at Asplan Viak Internet AS, a Norwegian consultancy firm.

My experience is varied. I’ve done low level programming for RTOS, web development, both backend and frontend. I’ve done native mobile development for both Android and iOS. I dabble with design, can use Photoshop and I am not scared of CSS.

I tend to prefer web development these days, so I would call myself a full stack developer.


In my spare time I like to create stuff. Both tools/apps/demos I develop and more creative things like painting and photography. I also would like to be a better musician, but somehow can never find the discipline to make that a reality.

I have an online gallery and web store for my digital creations made with Processing. You can find it at Nystad studio. It’s in Norwegian only, but you can probably look at the pretty pictures anyway. Feel free to contact me with questions.


I’m a dog person, and the happy owner of an old boy named Vincent. I live in Oslo, the closest thing we have to a big city in Norway. It’s a good compromise, though. Not too crowded but still has a varied selection of culture and entertainment. It’s also a short trip away from being in the middle of the forest somewhere.

Generally an introvertive person, but you may or may not notice. I’m quite friendly, so don’t be afraid to reach out.